1 wonder, of the 7

our highly anticipated trip to THE famed Taj Mahal finally came last saturday when we made our trip down to agra. The Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders nominees, is located in Agra, which is about 4 hours on the road from Delhi. It is a tomb built entirely out of white marble, famed for its beauty and splendor. and true to what i've seen in pictures, the Taj did not fail to disappoint!
i think that the pictures don't really do it justice. its really beautiful and grand, especially when u're there in person, dwarfed by the grandness of it all. being a national monument with its international fame and all, it was not cheap to get in. Indian nationals get to enter the Taj for a mere 20 Rupees (S$0.80) while foreign visitors like yours truly have to pay a whopping 750 Rupees (S$28) just to get in! Though I do think the price is quite steep, I don't disagree that the locals should get to enjoy the Taj for a heavily subsidised rate. it is afterall, one of their national monuments. the following are random shots taken from the 300+ photos that we took in total. not necessary the best shots, jus some of my preferred ones :)

this photo ranks highly on my fav list, just look at the clear blue sky! simply awesome. and of cos the models look good too. mwhaha..

and yes, thanks to Celine the pro photographer, i tink i look pretty cool in the pic above.. haha..

this picture was taken at agra fort, which is about 1km away from the taj. if you look hard enough, you can spot the taj in the top left of this photo!

ok the above 2 shots are a sample of the numerous families and locals that wanted to take a picture with us. celine tinks its the pink shirt and sunglasses that make me look like some hongkong actor.. hurhur. fame takes some getting use to.. haha..

all in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend getaway. its nice how we get to go somewhere cool every weekend. definitely something not possible if i had chose to do an internship in singapore. the only bummer is the travelling time. India is so huge that all these sights are at least a few hours apart from each other. and i assure you, bumpy bus or car rides are certainly not very welcomed. more pics can be found on my facebook account, or actually, celine's facebook album wld have more, she floooodeeed the entire album with loads of pics.. haha.