wk7 weekend

the last weekend was a relaxing one spent in the hills of mussoorie, which is about 5.5 hours by train from delhi. Mussoorie's almost like Genting Highlands, cool nice and misty. Well that's the memory I had of Genting, which was 14 years ago. Not sure if its still the same. once again, im too lazy to narrate what happened, shall leave some photos to do the work :)

i was really amused to find that the names of the passengers are stuck on the carriage. kinda like a class register! haha.. see if you can spot my name

the streets of mussoorie. can you see the clouds?

here are my attempts at photography.. haha

all in all, it was a very nice relaxing weekend. many thanks to shiv for hosting me in dehra dun too! her family cooks awesome food :)